The adventure begins

We have a share for sale

Are you disappointed when rental aircraft aren’t available when you want to fly? Put off by minimum use restrictions? Interested in taking a plane away on trips and only flying it when you want? Hoping to fly around 20-30 hours a year?

Are you at least a PPL approaching 200 hours total time? 

Are you sociable, co-operative and willing to pull your weight in the group when needed?

If the answer is yes to all the above then we would like to hear from you.

great value

Share Payment £2999.00

Then £130.00 per month and £170.00 per hour (timed from take-off to touchdown). Rates as at June 2020.

This is great value when you  think how far you can fly at a 145kt cruise.

There is often excellent availability. In the last 5 years HB flew an average of only 170 hours a year. There is an internet booking system using GoBoKo curated by our Bookings Officer. There is the opportunity around January each year to bid for longer trips during the year for touring.

There are few surprise costs. All maintenance and engine replacement expenses are factored into the rates. We have a healthy engine fund currently.

EQUAL Shareholding

The group is well organised and run as a limited company. You become an equal shareholder. Each member has access to all key documentation via this website. This includes the POH, Handling notes, Flight manual, Operational Notices, Mooney Circuit and Guides to the aircraft equipment.

 To register your interest, tell us about yourself, arrange to see the plane or talk further please make contact.